Research & Product Development

In MAKE Labs we internally carry out research activities and came with the great results and also some of products are still in under development. Research activities make us to upgrade our knowledge about technology and helps us to train students with high skill and understanding.

Some of our Research :

IoT-based continuous glucose monitoring system

Health monitoring systems based on Internet-of- things (IoT) have been recently introduced to improve the quality of health care services. However, the number of advanced IoT-based continuous glucose monitoring systems We designed an IoT-based system architecture from a sensor device to a back-end system for presenting real-time glucose, body temperature and contextual data (i.e. environmental temperature) in graphical and human- readable forms to end-users such as patients and doctors. The customized for suiting to the glucose monitoring system and achieving a high level of energy efficiency. Furthermore, we investigate energy consumption of the sensor device and design energy harvesting units for the device. Finally, the work provides many advanced services at a gateway level such as a push notification service for notifying patient and doctors in case of abnormal situations (i.e. too low or too high glucose level). The results show that our system is able to achieve continuous glucose monitoring remotely in real-time. In addition, the results reveal that a high level of energy efficiency can be achieved by applying the customized the power management unit and the energy harvesting unit altogether in the sensor device.

Two Electrode Mobile Based ECG Monitoring System Using Artificial Intelligence for Reduced False Positive

For more than two decades Heart disease has remained the leading cause of death in India. It is estimated that 17.5 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, amounting to a staggering 31% of all deaths worldwide. Of the 30million heart patients, 14 million reside in urban areas and 16 million in rural areas. If the current trend continues, by the year 2020, the burden of cardiovascular diseases in India will surpass that of any other country in the world. In most cases patients delay heart attack treatment thinking that they have a breathing or gastric problem leading to higher mortality. The existing 12 lead ECG system requires more caution and procedures to be followed while acquiring the ECG signal and cannot be used for continuous monitoring away from hospitals. The main objective of this proposal is to prevent emergency situations by informing the patient to take actions before patient's health condition get worse leading to emergency medical care. The proposed project is a design of simple wireless two electrodes system that could be worn by the patient which continuously monitors the heart rate and sends data to an application in the smart phone and uploads data in the cloud for access from cardiologist.

Vehicle Accident Avoidance using SONAR Technology

The major problem nowadays in most foggy region and polluted cities is accident detection and avoidance .This method can be implemented to rescue accident in the foggiest regions. As the accidents occur most frequently we use AVR 16-bit microcontroller in this system with RISC architecture. In our proposed system we use ultrasonic sensors to penetrate through the mist and detect the objects. ADXL sensors which are used to find the position of the vehicle.GSM and GPS system are used to locate the objects and to communicate to the user in emergency situations .Hence this can be implemented in vehicles of more foggy areas. The accidents will also be reduced with timely rescue by our proposed system.